2018-19 was ACSA’s relaunch year, and a series of new events like the Charity Date Auction, Speak Your Truth, and Melanight made their debut.

This was our first year as a registered SU (Students Union) Club at the University of Calgary. When we started, we only had 7 senior executive members, 20 signed general members, and essentially no funds. We were soon joined by 14 junior executive members and passionate volunteers. With the dedication from our executive team, volunteers, collaborative clubs, and our members, our club was able to arrange several events that addressed issues pertaining to our community and highlighted essential parts of our culture. We were able to achieve this along with room-brimming turnouts.

Our club established a significant presence on campus and fostered a community for those who are part of and are interested in African and Caribbean communities and cultures. We initiated celebrations of Black History Month on campus and started the annual ACSA Charity (Build Africa) Date Auction along with our cultural Celebration, Melanight, our two biggest events on and off-campus, respectively.

By the end of the year, we experienced exponential growth. We gained an Instagram following of 500, a Facebook following of 150, and a membership count of 200. Through our hard work and efforts, we were recognized by the SU as the Best New Club of the Year and received an Honorable Mention for Student life.

Summer Cookout

This a summer event at ACSA. It was an intimate event for food, laughter, games, and community.


Completed in partnership with the Nigerian Students’ Association and Ethiopian-Eritrean Students’ Association. This event celebrated African and Caribbean heritage, culture and history as well as the history of African diaspora.

BHM: Parade and Flashmob

To kick off Black History Month, ACSA partnered with the Nigerian Students’ Association (NSA) to perform a parade and flashmob.

Charity Date Auction

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, ACSA held a Charity Date Auction.

Speak Your Truth VOL. 1

A discussion circle aiming to provide students with the ability to discuss controversial, cultural, political, and societal topics in a safe space.

Mental Health Workshop

A workshop aiming to encourage open conversations about mental health and its impacts in African and Caribbean students on campus.

Fall 2018 Meet & Greet

Meet and Greets are held at the beginning of every semester! Our meet and greets give our members a chance to get to know each other better and connect through shared culture and experiences.