A program that provides academic support and resources to ACSA members.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, ACSA began to develop its Academic Support program (Academic Committee). This program strove to provide ACSA members with access to useful academic resources, and was completed in association with the Ethiopian-Eritrean Students’ Association. It included the following events:

Peer Tutoring

This event provided final exam support to students in various first-year courses. Tutors were volunteer ACSA members that had received an A- or greater in the included courses.

Academic CV & Research Workshop

This event was created to support students planning to apply for summer research positions, graduate studies, and grants. It discussed strategies for academic CV building and included a panel of ACSA and EESA members.

Study Hall

This event was created with EESA to provide a study space (including refreshments) for ACSA and EESA members during the midterm season.

For more information about the ACSA Academic program, click here.