Throughout the year, ACSA hosts a variety of events, including (but not limited to): Meet & Greets, “Speak Your Truth”, Cultural Food Sales, Study Hall, Black History Month, and Melanight.

#1. Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets are held at the beginning of every semester! Our meet and greets give our members a chance to get to know each other better and connect through shared culture and experiences. We encourage socialization through a mixture of games, food, and dancing. This event, like many others, sees a great turnout. Our members always leave with the biggest smiles and an eagerness to attend the next event.

#2. Speak Your Truth

This is our famous discussion series. ACSA members gather in a classroom to debate popular controversial topics relevant to our society. Every individual is free to voice their opinion and “speak their truth” and ACSA makes sure to create an environment where every member feels comfortable to do so. These events provide our members with the opportunity to share their perspectives as well as hear the perspectives of others.

#3. Cultural Food Sales

Each semester we host a cultural food sale on campus that represents a variety of cultures and cuisines. The purpose of our food sales is to raise funds for our yearly gala, Melanight. This event is always looked forward to and well-received.

#4. Study Hall 

Not only does ACSA encourage the celebration of culture but we also try our best to provide support to our members in a variety of aspects, including academics.

#5. Black History Month

We hosted a sequence of events within a week in celebration of Black History Month. We started off the week with a parade throughout campus and a dance showcase in collaboration with the Nigerian Student Association.

#6. Melanight – A Celebration of Culture

Melanight is ACSA’s annual gala. It is appropriately held during Black History Month as it is aimed and celebrating African and Caribbean heritage, culture and history as well as the history of African diaspora. This gala showcases different aspects of culture such as music, dance, fashion and of course, cuisine.

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